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What’s on My iPod

Welcome to another new week!

There’s something about Mondays and Tuesdays that I really love.  Just like the beginning of a new year, or even month, the beginning of a new week is a chance to start fresh and add new goals.

Since sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to exercise after a weekend of relaxation, I decided to post the playlist I have been running to lately.

There’s a pretty good mix of everything on here… Let me know what some of your favorites are right now so I can get some new ideas as well.  I’m open to anything!

September Running

  • Pumped up Kicks, Foster the People
  • Don’t Stop the Party, Black Eyed Peas
  • Adolescence, Incubus
  • Wonderwall, Oasis
  • Vertigo, U2
  • Breathe, The Prodigy
  • No Getting Over, David Guetta (love him!)
  • Love Song, 311
  • C’Mon (Catch ’em by Surprise), Busta Rhymes feat. Diplo and Tiesto
  • Times Like These, The Foo Fighters
  • Where them Girls At, David Guetta feat. Niki Minaj
  • Circus remix, Britney Spears
  • Da Funk, Daft Punk

Hope you enjoy!

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