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How to keep up with healthy habits on vacation.

Welcome back to the grind!

I hope you all had a happy and healthy Labor Day Weekend.  I was actually lucky enough to venture all the way to Kentucky to spend a few days with my boyfriend who goes to grad school out there.

Let me tell you that although a long-distance relationship is really tough, I also love the chance to explore a new part of the country.  Traveling is absolutely one of my favorite things to do in my time away from work, but it can also be difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy in terms of healthy habits.  Is it just me, or does it always seems like just when you get into a groove, a special event or trip comes along and suddenly throws a wrench in your routine?

I used to just say “ah well, it’s vacation” but got tired of coming back and having to start all over.  This is something that I have been seriously trying to work on and so I am here to give you my “Tips to a healthy (but still fabulous) vacation“!  Here we go:

  • Make some plans ahead of time to do at least one fun activity that doesn’t involve sitting.  I know it’s easy to base a vacation on eating out (guilty), but looking into different options ahead of time can get you pumped up for a new a fun activity and it gives you a chance to get moving.

(The boyfriend had this idea of visiting an apple orchard which I loved! )

  • Try to cook a few meals at home if you have the option.  I love eating out, but you really can make a much healthier meal if you control what goes into the dish.
  • Keep moving!  Even though hitting the gym every day may not be an option make a goal to squeeze in one solid workout throughout your trip.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!  In addition, try going for a short, brisk walk on the other days or even doing some pushups and situps inside.  Everything counts!
  • Indulge, but not too much. By this, I mean choose your treats wisely.  I baked a homemade seasonal crisp on Sunday with some of the peaches we picked up from the orchard. Yes, it’s a treat I can’t turn down.  I can, however, turn down the free cookie those nice airline folks try to give me on the plane on the way there.  Maybe next time Frontier… maybe next time!
  • Beware of the airport food! I will admit, there are some solid choices.  There are also traps including fresh cinnamon buns, warm french fries, frozen yogurt bowls the size of your head, and the classic greasy pizza slices.  Pack satisfying snacks to tide you over like trail mix, an apple, and Larabars.  My on-the-go meal staple if needed, a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Grab a non-fat or soy latte before you board and you have a balanced meal that should keep you going for hours!

Enjoy the short week!

What are your tips for staying healthy on vacation?

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