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My Favorite Season

Ah, yes.  This would be my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year and I must say it was quite delicious!  Fall just wouldn’t be the same without all of those great seasonal foods that start reappearing.  I love using canned pumpkin in everything imaginable! Soups and stews, roast, chili and hot oatmeal also start re-introducing themselves back in my kitchen.

I worked at Starbucks for a summer and even though I am pretty boring when it comes to ordering a drink (I usually stick to brewed coffee or soy lattes), I love treating myself with these tasty seasonal things once in a great while.

Some tips for lightening up your favorites:

  • Nonfat milk (the default is 2% if you don’t request)
  • Half the syrup or sugar-free syrup
  • Lose the whip (which can save around 100 kcals!)
  • Order a smaller size

I wouldn’t recommend drinking any highly sweetened drink on a regular basis, but these are fun once in awhile!

My first fall-ish recipe of the season will be this. My mouth is watering as I type and it’s only 7:00am… Possibly a Saturday kitchen extravaganza? Yum.

Have a great Monday!



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