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My name is Leanne and I live in the beautiful Mile High City of Denver, Colorado.  This August, I will begin a Dietetic Internship so I can take the next step in becoming a Registered Dietitian! In my spare time you can find me running, skiing, trying new restaurants, drinking coffee, traveling around the country and spending time with my family and friends.

Some background information…

Fitness has always been–and will always be–a favorite hobby of mine.  There is just nothing better than a post-exercise glow!  In fact, I love the gym environment so much that I worked as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for two years throughout my Dietetics schooling.

Although fitness is an essential factor in any healthy lifestyle, nutrition is my ultimate passion.  I love cooking, eating, talking about, reading about and photographing great food!  And by great food I mean real food.  More of the fresh and colorful stuff, less of the nutritionally-void packaged stuff (although there really is room for everything!).

So what better company to be involved with than Renew Fitness and Nutrition where we focus on both of these important topics?  If you struggle with staying active, eating well, motivation or a combination of the three, we are here to help you!  As the tagline says, this blog will be about making better choices today ultimately leading to a healthier tomorrow.

Renew is a fitness and nutrition program available for any group of individuals: family or friends from different parts of the country, local social groups, “mom” groups, business associates, or others based in the United States.  All participant activity is managed via our secure website and the programs are run by a Certified Fitness Trainer and Registered Dietitian.

For more information, check out our website.


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