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Two Dairy Alternatives and Why I Bought Them

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello Ice Cream


Has anyone ever tried this product before?  It’s very… different than I expected.  I am an ice cream lover at heart and when I started a week-long therapeutic diet for an internship project and needed to cut down on dairy, all sorts of milk alternatives started running through my brain. I picked up this SO Delicious product because I remember hearing good things about it in the past.

Take a look at the nutritionals:

Not bad if you keep in mind that the saturated fat comes from the coconut.  Also, you can’t really see it in the picture because ice is covering the number, but note the addition of fiber! Six grams to be exact, which comes in the form of chicory root.

My conclusion: I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t buy this again unless I had to restrict dairy.

Product #2

I drink quite a bit of cow’s milk.  I typically have a smoothie every day, I use it in oatmeal and cereal, and of course will have an occasional glass to round out a meal.  For this week, I decided to try this Almond Breeze because it fit into my “hypothetical meal plan guidelines”.

Here are the numbers:

Not stellar, but not terrible either.

Pros: Calcium, Vitamin A & D fortified.  And check out that Vitamin E stat!

Cons: Virtually no protein.  Beware of added sugars!  This one is unsweetened, but not all brands/types are the same.

Overall I think these products are nice substitutes if you don’t tolerate dairy products well.  However, do not forget that cow’s milk is a nutritional superstar! I also think the taste and texture are superior to anything else I have tried.

Any other opinions?